My Process - What to Expect

I don't know about you, but I like to know what I'm getting into. Nobody like shifting goalposts. That's why I like to make my working practices clear at the outset! The following steps in the process set out exactly what you can expect from me.


  1. Contact me with a brief overview of your project, word count and time-frame. I will respond to your brief within 48 hours and ask any relevant questions. The clearer the brief, the better the content!
  2. I will send a definitive quote. The quote will be inclusive of the following: research, first draft, up to two revisions and a final proofread.
  3. Confirmation of the project and agreement of deadline and milestones. At this point, a 20% deposit is required, the remaining 80% to be paid on completion of the project. (The exception to this is the letter from Lapland service, which is payable in advance.)
  4. Relevant research is carried out. The level of research required is unique to each project and depends on your requirements.
  5. The project is drafted in Word and sent to you. This is the opportunity for any fine-tuning. The quoted price includes up to two revisions before the all-important final proofread.
  6. An invoice is sent for the remaining 80% of the price, payable within 14 days of the project's completion.

Photo by Joseph Ruwa on Pexels