My Story

Starting out with nothing more than an enthusiastically sharpened pencil, a notebook and a heart full of brio, I founded EllisonWrites. My mission is simple: to create quality content that is absurdly effective, adds value, and hits the spot for readers. 

When not writing or teaching, I enjoy reading and reviewing books (I write professional reviews for publishers and online magazines), yet more writing, all things Russian, devouring Nordic noir, drinking scalding hot white tea or strong - headache-inducing -black coffee, and spending time with my labradoodle.

Not always in that order...


I published my first children's book, Murphy Goes to Moscow, last year. It is inspired by the real-life Murphy, my labradoodle. The book is about Murphy's adventures in Russia's capital, where he teams up with a street dog. As well as recounting his adventures, this book is intended to be educational too - it has lots of snippets of historical and geographical information. It also has some fun activities at the back!

You can get your copy by following this link:


Image Gallery 


Above: One of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors. 


My maxim couldn't be simpler: 'words matter'.

But that doesn't mean that a picture can't paint a thousand words...

These pictures offer a little insight into what inspires me.

Left: St Petersburg

Above:  My bookshelves, well-used notebook, and Murphy ensuring he's shaded from the sun.

Below: One of my favourite painting: a copy of Amelie (painted by my daughter); my cherished Julius Caesar pen holder and nesting dolls; and memorable moments with Murphy.

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