Sarah Pinborough's 'Behind Her Eyes'

Reviewed by guest reviewer, Emma Granton. Emma is an English teacher and Lead Practitioner - and an avid reader. You can follow Emma's reading habits on Goodreads:


Robbed of the twist.

I really did enjoy this book. It cruised along at a good pace, driving me to keep going. It's not for the story then that I dropped two stars.

I really wish publishers would stop marketing the 'shocking twist' and other such declarations as the main selling point of a story, thrusting it at us - even to the point of including it in the title of this book on Amazon! 'You'll never guess!' they scream at me. So, of course, I do. Because then I'm on high alert, scanning for clues, making guesses, puzzling it out, until - inevitably - I get it before the big reveal; a damp squib of a spoiler.

The brief moment of triumph on guessing it and seeing you were right is nothing compared to the old days when you weren't forewarned and forearmed. When a good twist was revealed to you only at the exact moment the author wanted it to be. Ta dahhhhh! A glorious whipping back of the curtain to see IT in all its glory. A delicious moment of realisation. An audible gasp from the crowd as it leaps from the shadows.

While publishers insist on yelling at you that there's a magic trick ahead, however, it's always going to be a bunch of plastic flowers, rather than a pyramid that's revealed. And isn't that a shame?


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