Front Page Poetry: May 2023

The Corona Virus

The day of coronation drew ever near,

Excitement built and, like a virus, spread,

The streets were filled with people, cheers and tears,

All for Charles III, the new crowned head.


But not all voices sang in jubilee:

Some whispered doubt, and spoke of republic.

They feared the crown, its power and mystique,

And warned of monarchies' autocratic rule.


They argued for the people's sovereignty;

For democracy; for equality.

But still, the fever for the coronation

Spread through the land like wildfire's flame.


Each citizen caught up in the sensation,

Anointed king, the people's new acclaim.

Despite the warnings, doubts, and fervent pleas,

The coronation marched on -  to great acclaim.


The crown was placed upon the new king's head,

And all the nation watched in solemn awe,

As Charles III, with grace and dignity,

Ascended to his throne, the new crowned law.


The virus of excitement had been spread,

And all the nation felt its fevered glow;

The people's new king, the sovereign head,

Had won their hearts and minds with kingly show.


And though the voices of republic still speak,

Their warnings fall on ears that will not hear.

For in the hearts of all the people, meek,

Lies the coronation's infectious cheer.