Front Page Poetry: August 2023

Farewell to Wilko

In lands where dreams of homeware gleam,

A tale of change, a wistful theme,

The news arrives, a solemn note,

Of Wilko's fate, a closing vote.


For ninety years, it stood so bold,

A haven where our stories told,

From pic 'n' mix to garden green,

A place where memories convene.


In aisles of wares, we used to roam,

Exploring treasures, finding home,

Multiplug sockets, tools so grand, I

n every corner, dreams were planned.


The shelves adorned with fairy lights,

Guiding us through endless nights,

A cosy glow in every aisle,

A comforting and welcoming smile.


But winds of time can swiftly turn,

And even giants sometimes yearn,

Now Wilko's journey takes a pause,

A closing chapter, heartfelt cause.


Twelve thousand jobs, a sombre blow,

A wave of change, emotions flow,

Yet in the hearts of those who knew,

The spirit of Wilko will renew.


Though doors may close, the memories stay,

In every heart along the way,

A tribute to the years of cheer,

The legacy of a store so dear.


As chapters end and stories part,

The echoes of the Wilko heart,

Shall live on in our tales and dreams,

A timeless thread within life's seams.