Getting the Basics Right: Spelling

Posted by Amanda Ellison

Even the cleverest of people can come unstuck when it comes to spelling. The good news is that you can do something about it! There are habits you can form and activities you can carry out that can definitely help with your spelling in a very short period of time.

Let's start with forming a new habit: creating a spelling bookmark.

Strategy 1: Spelling Bookmark

Simply take a piece of blank card and cut in the shape of a bookmark. Whenever you come across a word you know you spell incorrectly, find the correct spelling and add it to your bookmark. Use these words as often as you can, or simply write them out ten times each on a regular basis - spelling is a motor skill, so before you know it your hand movement will be telling you if you're spelling a word incorrectly.

Here is an example of some commercially produced bookmarks for primary children. However, your home-made bookmark is a much better idea as the spellings are personal to you!

Not sure which words you spell incorrectly? Try this task and identify some to start you off!

Download the answer sheet:

Highlight The Misspelled Words 20
PowerPoint – 45.5 KB 424 downloads

Strategy 2: Sailboat Spellings

Spelling is a motor skill. In other words, it is guided by physical movement. So if your hand gets used to spelling a word correctly, this becomes a habit. Try learning a spelling this way:











Strategy 3: Silent Letters

Silent letters are easy to forget when we spell a word. Try writing out the tricky spelling numerous times but using a different colour for the silent letter. Here are two particularly tricky words to learn: