Front Page Poetry: October 2023

Feed from a Week in October

In the midst of autumn's vibrant glow,

This week in October questions flow.

With news and tales that ebb and surge,

Let's ask, with thoughts that gently urge.


Did the tweet in the morning sun,

Reveal a tale of a world undone?

Suspect found dead in locked-down Maine,

Not before wielding a path of destruction and pain.


As the world did scroll, and updates did accrue,

Did we hit like on stories both false and true?

The eighth Tory in a row, their sins unfurled,

Loses whip over abuse allegations. Tarnished world.


Nat-West, a banking giant's fate,

Did retribution knock upon their gate?

Profits dropping for the first time in years.

A de-banking farago? Corporate tears.


In the realm of music, legends clash:

Did the Stones leapfrog, their fame a flash?

Overtaking the Beatles - historical twist -

With chart-topping albums - a high previously missed.


But in better news, a tale to cheer:

Will Wilko's return bring a joyful tear?

Beloved high-street store, a beacon of light,

Reopening stores before Christmas? A welcome sight!


So, in this week of stories told,

Where destinies entwine and myths unfold,

As questions shape the narrative's grace,

What's next in this October's embrace?