Tips for Transactional Writing

What is transactional writing?

A transaction is defined as buying or selling something. As an example, you may be trying to sell your point of view in a piece of writing. This type of writing could include a letter, a speech or an article.

Transactional writing tasks are asking you to communicate an idea to a specific audience, for a specific reason. For those of you taking AQA English Language, the following tips apply to Paper 2 Section B.

Tip 1: Avoid Unnecessary Words

It can be tempting to use more words than you can actually need. When you edit your work, cut out any words you don’t actually need. See this example:

The car travels at the speed of 70 mph.

The following is far more effective:

The car travels at 70 mph.


Edit these two sentences:


  1. It takes seven hours in time to drive from Newcastle to Inverness.
  2. The cup contains a quarter of a pint in volume.

See how it has more impact?

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