Letter from Lapland

The kids sit down on a cold wintry night, carefully penning their letters to Santa Claus, sharing their wish list and trying to convince the man himself that they belong on the all-important 'nice list'.

In their very best handwriting, of course.

The letter wings its way to Lapland, where the Claus couple and their helpers are frantically preparing for the big night.

Will Santa ever find the time to read it and reply?  Fingers crossed...

Can there be anything on earth more magical than receiving a unique letter from the one and only Santa Claus?

Not according to the happy recipients:

"I ordered two letters from Santa and I couldn't have been happier with what I received. They were very professionally done. The kids were so excited that Santa knew all about them, including their friends' names and what they had asked for for Christmas. These letters really lit their belief in Santa and the added touches of chocolate coins and snowflakes were perfect!" Romana, Cramlington

"I ordered four letters from Santa for a friend's grandchildren. The kids were just so excited and couldn't believe Santa knew so much about them, which really added to the magic of Christmas. The adults were really impressed with the quality of the letters. I would recommend anyone to get them for the children in the family - they won't be disappointed!"  Angela, Ashington


How much does Santa charge to send a letter?

Santa's all about giving. But that sleigh needs maintained and reindeer food doesn't come cheap these days. How does £5.00 sound? That includes UK postage! And Santa likes PayPal...


See your children delight in a personalised letter from the man himself. Expect good quality paper and envelope, a wax seal, Christmas confetti, and a chocolate coin! Only shipped to UK destinations.