My Services 

You need a writer. We've established that. But you want to know more about the kinds of writing I do and how I work.

So let's clear that up!


A blog keeps your site at work! It's a way of staying fresh and relevant. Whether you want evergreen content or topical coverage, the choice is yours. My blog suits my own purposes - let me help you fulfil yours! 


An article should leave the reader feeling enlightened. Whatever the topic, a good article is a deep-dive into a subject and is filled with well-researched detail. All this while being an enjoyable read!


I admit to a soft spot for reviews. Well-informed commentary of a book, service or product can be a real operator. Take a look at my personal reviews here. I also review professionally for three established publishers.

Training Materials

Clear, objectives-driven training copy has huge impact, whether it's for a training manual or a video being posted on social media.

Educational Content

This is my métier, really. Having spent almost quarter of a century as Head of English in a secondary school, my skills within this niche are well and truly honed. No matter whether it be teaching resources, departmental handbooks, options booklets, it's within my bailiwick.

Seasonal Fare: Letters from Lapland

If impact is the name of the game, then nothing beats the effect of a letter from a special someone in Lapland to a special little person in your life. With just a few details required from you, Santa himself will craft a personalised letter to all those on the nice list.